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There is fear in me

I am a foreigner and currently living in Helsinki. I am a Bisexual young man. I have read how the laws works here and how protected everybody is irrespective of your sexual orientation. I am supposed to apply for an asylum. My fear is not to be denied the asylum, but just sitting right in front of a stranger and telling him/her about how the feeling for men develops in me on hourly basis and feeling for women diminishes all the time, when I know where I came from I will be lynch the very minute I open up. I have seen how LGBT are handled and up to now no one knows where they are. I have seen it not just once. That fear is in me and I cant just open up to a stranger. I need help.
worried guy

Hello You!

It is understandable that it is very difficult to you to speak about your sexuality to a stanger civil servant. Sexuality is a private matter to all of us, and when we talk about it we need to be in safe situation. Especially important it is when one belongs to a discriminated sexual minority in his/her home country.

Have you heard about TOGETHER work in HeSeta, the local HLBTI organization?
TOGETHER is a peer supportive community for lgbtiq*-people that are seeking an asylum in Finland or with refugee background. The aim is to support well-being, strengthen social networks and offer information about rights and services in Finland. You may have just arrived or stayed here for a while. You are welcome to join our group to meet new people from different backgrounds and enjoy a safe and friendly atmosphere. In the group we will get to know each other and have discussions on various themes.
TOGETHER activities are for lgbtiq*-people over 18 years old. In the meetings we speak English and most of the times have volunteers assist Arabic speakers. Some of the meetings are held in Russian, Farsi, Dari and Kurdish! The group meetings are held at HeSeta’s social space, which is located in Kaapelitehdas cultural centre in Ruoholahti district.
All the participants are met in private meetings before joining the group to ensure safety and give more detailed information to all participants. If you want to participate, please contact your social worker to book a meeting at HeSeta. Bookings by phone Thursdays between 14 - 16 in phone number 045 121 0024 or email
Look at the site:

Jussi Nissinen


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